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Matt Sheldon

Physiotherapy in Collingwood

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Matt Sheldon Physiotherapy in Collingwood

My Approach

The human body is unique to each individual and this needs to be reflected in your care.

If you watch 10 people walk, 10 people stand, 10 people squat, and 10 people run, you will see 10 different movements in each case.

There is no perfect way to move or perform. Just watch any group of elite athletes and notice the variability of movement. The same applies to you, and your treatment needs to reflect this.

One size does not fit all.


For the best results, I get to know you as an individual, your requirements, habits, and history; then provide a physiotherapy treatment plan based on the understanding of your unique biomechanics, pain, and anatomy.

Whether you want to have less pain, play with your grandkids, get back on the field, or improve your athletic performance, your goal becomes my goal.


My Services

My Rates

  • Initial Assessment & Treatment - 1hr - $110

  • Follow-up Treatment

    • 30 mins - $70

    • 45 mins - $90

    • 60 mins - $100

Fees are inclusive of all physiotherapy treatment techniques and any essential communication required for your care.

Any additional reporting that is requested may be charged at an hourly rate.

Direct billing is available to most insurance companies for physiotherapy services.