With a background in Exercise & Sports Science, I have always been interested in performance and getting the most out of our bodies. 

As a physiotherapist, my interest has naturally moved towards injury prevention, and the following quote has stayed with me from my time working with a professional football (soccer) team.

"The best way to improve performance is to avoid injury." 

There are a number of ways that physiotherapy can help with your performance. I implement these strategies within my physiotherapy plan for individuals rehabbing from injury, but I am also proactive in educating athletes, weekend warriors and sports teams of all levels on how to improve their physical health and improve their performance.


I am certified with the Titleist Performance Institute and provide golf-specific movement screens. From these results, I can create exercise programs that relate to your swing that will address areas of recurring injury as well as improve performance.


I can assess your running technique as well as review and create running programs to help manage recurring injuries and help you reach your running goals.

Movement analysis and strength testing will also allow me to create resistance programs to compliment your running, address ongoing issues, and improve performance.

Sport specific return-to-play

An important, and too often missed, part of the rehab process is end-stage return-to-play. I offer field-based return-to-sport testing and rehab specific to your sport. This will allow us to go through the actual requirements of your sport and assess your readiness to return safely. This is essential for athletes and clients recovering from surgery.

Recurring injuries

Do you struggle with the same injury repeatedly? Or are you constantly having different injuries? This may well stop you from participating, it becomes frustrating, and may even end up with you withdrawing completely from that activity. A physiotherapy evaluation will look at your movement strategies, training schedule, recovery strategies, etc, and will allow us to come up with a plan to address the recurring nature of your issues. 


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to explore ways that I may be of benefit to you and your athletes.