New Physio in Collingwood

Hello, I am Matt The Physio.

I am new to the town of Collingwood and looking forward to providing physiotherapy services to the community.

I have been working in Toronto for the last 4 1/2 years at a very reputable physio clinic, but my wife and I decided to leave the city to get some more space, buy a home and get ready for the baby that's on its way. We landed on Collingwood for all of the great outdoor activities and the active lifestyle it promotes, but also because we love the feel and character of the main street and heritage area.

Our move pushed me into making the jump of working for myself and starting a small physiotherapy business. This is something I have always wanted to do, and I am excited to build my practice based on my key principles and style of treatment. My style is to "get up and doing" rather than "sit around and waiting". This is an active approach to physiotherapy with a strong emphasis on movement and exercise to better yourself, not lying around on machines and hoping for the best. The more we understand and research the body the more we know that active rehabilitation and exercise are fundamental to the recovery of the majority of musculoskeletal injuries and issues.

Alongside this active approach, I have other tools as a physiotherapist to help facilitate the recovery process. I have further training in the use of manual therapy, acupuncture, and dry needling, which can be useful tools to complement the active rehab approach.

My work setup allows me to build strong relationships with my clients, and I put a strong emphasis on getting you back to what you want to do. Your goals become my goals, and this drives my treatment plans and direction.

I am also entering the world of blogging!

This will be my spot to upload information and share news with my clients (old and new). I also hope that it will give you an insight into my thoughts and style as a physiotherapist. The plan is to provide simple and up-to-date information that (to be honest) the majority of my clients are unaware of and can make huge differences to their lifestyle and physical health.

As a healthcare practitioner, it is my job to be up-to-date and promote a healthy lifestyle. So when I read an interesting article, research paper, complete a course, or even just have some good advice, I will post it in some way, and hopefully, someone will enjoy it!

Check back in the future to see some posts :)

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