Social distance run for Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation

Back in late April, I decided to use the Strava running app to organize a fundraiser run that would raise money for the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital. My idea came from running races being canceled and needing something to aim for to keep me motivated in my training, and this was a feeling supported by my running clients.

So I set up a race week- June 6th to June 14th (to avoid crowds going at the same time) and got people to sign up for a 5k or 10k run. They could run any route, at any time, and the results would be uploaded on the app. All I asked was for a donation to the Collingwood General Marine Hospital Foundation as a "registration fee", like we would normally pay for a race.

I was blown away by the engagement within the Collingwood running community, and even further afield as friends and colleagues from Toronto, and Halifax, NS even got involved and donated to their local hospitals.

It did not replicate a real race meet. But it did a great job of motivating people to keep up with their training and running. I personally ran PBs for 5k and 10k (I did both in the week), and I know others who reached similar milestones in their training. My wife also got out with a group of new mums in Collingwood and went for a 5k walk with the babies.

Most importantly, we raised $636 for the hospital and such a great cause at this time. An amazing effort from 51 runners (final count).

I loved the whole process, and it really showed me how great the Collingwood community is. Friendly, supportive, generous, and incredibly good at running :). I am loving being part of the community and I have decided that each year I will come up with an event to raise money for the community :)

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